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As we bring in 2019, we thought it would be a good idea to let you all know what we currently offer. As we are rated in the Good Garage Scheme, you won’t want to look at any other garage in Plymouth. Whites Autocentre in Plymouth is a trusted garage and with trust we come with a promise that we will always do what is best for your car and yourself. We aim to leave you at a peace of mind that your car is in safe hands. We know how important your car is to you.

Most Importantly – MOTs in Plymouth!

We always give our clients the best MOT around Plymouth. Whites Autocentre’s six-man team of technicians, which includes four fully authorised MOT Testers, have a wealth of motor workshop experience. The garage offers friendly and exceptional service, outstanding workmanship and competitive labour rates under John’s ownership. John wants to make sure that all your cars are car legal, which is the whole point of an MOT in Plymouth. We pride ourselves in making suree that we provide the best service of MOT in Plymouth, nothing gets past us! It’s important that every car in Plymouth is legal and safe, which is our number 1 aim of our MOT.


Car Servicing in Plymouth

White Autocentre offers everything you need from a modern state-of-the art workshop – with transparent charges and excellent customer service at the heart of everything we do. Our team of dedicated service professionals are here to meet your requirements and give you and your vehicle the best possible service and care. We want to be your answer to all serivicing needs in Plymouth, and we’d love you to recommend us to all your freidns and family for their car servicing in Plymouth.

It’s important to remember that we don’t just serivice your car in Plymouth we make sure that we cover everything that your car needs. We are also the only garage in Plymouth to offer free advice that your car will need in its servicing. No additional work will be done without your concent in our car servcing routine in Plymouth. You’re in complete control of your car servicing in Plymouth.


Clutches need care in Plymouth too

Clutches are a vital part of any manual car in Plymouth and when they start to break or have a fault, it can cause a lot of stress for you. Whites Autocentre in Plymouth understand how imporant clutches are and we want to look after you, leaving you with peace of mind that everything is being taken care of. Clutches need looking after in Plymouth. Like MOTs we want to be your go to for all clutch issus in Plymouth. Our highly trained staff will look after your vechichle and clutch in Plymouth.


Brake Care in Plymouth

It is important for you and your car to get your brakes checked regularly. Whites Autocentre can check your brakes for any faults or can identify a problem before it causes any real damage to your car. There are many garages in Plymouth that offer brake check, but Whites Autocentre go above and beyond to ensure your safety is their top priority. Brakes in Plymouth are imporant due to it being a highly populared area where traffic is an issue which means you are constantly stopping and starting and putting pressure on your brake. It is proven that your brakes suffer more in towns like Plymouth and small cities where you don’t use the motorway as much. Because of this Whites Autocentre make sure that we are a great garage in Plymouth to turn to when you feel your brakes are causing issues.


Overview of Services
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