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MOT Plymouth.GOV.UK have been making a few changes to their MOT services. This is to aid customers like yourselves to keep on track with your MOT in Plymouth.

Get an annual MOT reminder

One of the biggest factors that the team have been working on is getting this service to meet the governments ‘Digital Service Standard’. This means that it will look consistent with other government services and is designed to meet the user’s needs. Customers in Plymouth will soon be able to find the services if they search for ‘Get MOT reminders’ on GOV.UK or any other internet browser. This makes it easier for customers to find, helps them to remember when to get their MOT tested and reassures customers it’s an official service.

Changing their authorisation and administrative processes

GOV.UK are changing the way you get in contact with them. They are moving to a central team which means they can have a larger team in one place. This means that they will be more consistent with how they deal with MOTs in and around Plymouth and the rest of the UK. So from 1st November, any queries that would have gone to your local office will be dealt with by contacting your customer support team or by email at

MOT testing Plymouth.Moving to the future

GOV.UK are moving into the future by looking at how they can connect garage equipment and vehicles directly up to our MOT testing Plymouth services – so results can be recorded directly without keying them in again. This will help to improve garage efficiency, customer service and fraud prevention – as well as better dealing with modern vehicles. Although this is a while away from production, you might see the team out and about in garages, getting a better understanding of how they can make this work in different situations.

GOV.UK MOT Service Changes
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