We offerBrake Check and Replacement in Plymouth

Are you unsure whether you need your new brakes replaced in Plymouth, or are you after a high standard brake check in Plymouth? Whites Autocentre in Plymouth offer brake check and replacements of high quality for a reasonable price. We are a trusted local garage who makes sure that our customers are satisfied with our work, especially with important requirements as brakes. We want to leave you with a peace of mind that your car is in safe hands especially your brakes with Whites Autocentre in Plymouth.

Whites Autocente in Plymouth believe there are a number of signs that we may need to take a look at your brakes in Plymouth.

Grinding. Soft Brake Pedal. Pulling. Dashboard Light. Old Brake Fluid. High Handbrake.

Getting your brakes checked at Whites Autocentre Plymouth

It is important for you and your car to get your brakes checked regularly. Whites Autocentre can check your brakes for any faults or can identify a problem before it causes any real damage to your car. There are many garages in Plymouth that offer brake check, but Whites Autocentre go above and beyond to ensure your safety is their top priority. We employ high quality mechanics to carry out jobs on your car and we trust that they will give you the best brake care around Plymouth.

It is hard to say when you should get your brakes replaced as every car manufacturer has different brake recommendations. However, it is a good idea to get your brakes checked at least once a year by Whites Autocentre. We make the process from booking in your car to the end inspection as smooth as possible. We will give you recommendations if needed and possible work going forward. If you don’t get your brakes checked by Whites Autocentre regularly and you face a brake failure, it could could you a lot more to get them fixed. So checking to see if there’s any underlying issues is important as it can cost you less to have emergency work done.

Driving around Plymouth with your Brakes

Your brakes in Plymouth go through a lot of stopping and starting which could impact your brake pads. As Plymouth is a highly populated area with high volumes of traffic you might find that your brakes need replacing or fixing sooner than if you were driving on a motorway for example. That is why you need to start thinking about your car and brakes driving around Plymouth. You also need to take into consideration how much you drive around Plymouth, as the more you drive the more you wear down your brake pads. With Plymouth being in a high populated area with hills, this can also take a toll on your brakes too as you’re using your breaks when stopping and starting on a hill straight away. The amount of people you have in your car can obviously make your car heavier, which is another factor to wearing down the brake pads. If you have a large family in Plymouth which require a lot of driving around, combined with the traffic and hills means that these are all major factors to brake failures. Whites Autocentre in Plymouth want to protect you from major damage to your brakes. Come in and have a chat about booking in a brake inspection.

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