The Importance of an MOT

The Importance of an MOT

by | May 6, 2021 | MOT Information

The MOT – or Ministry of Transport test – is a crucial part of ensuring that the cars on the UK’s roads retain a basic level of roadworthiness. First introduced back in 1960, it’s now a core part of running and maintaining a car here in the UK.

Now that the government’s MOT extension, which was implemented to keep key workers on the move during the coronavirus crisis, has ended, more people than ever are flocking to garages to get their cars MOT’d by Whites Autocentre Millbay, Plymouth. But what exactly is it and why do we need to get one? Let’s find out:

An MOT is a maintenance check-up carried out once a year on cars over three years old. A certified MOT tester will carry out the procedure and focus on key areas of the car including the brakes, lights and even the windscreen wipers. In addition, they’ll perform an emissions test to ensure that the car meets standards

Are there any parts of a car that an MOT doesn’t check?

Though an MOT test does check over many aspects of a car, there are some parts that aren’t looked over. An MOT tester won’t look at the engine, gearbox or clutch systems, though they still need to be in good working order. For instance, if your car can’t be driven onto an inspection ramp under its own steam, then it’ll be failed straight away.

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